Terminal Crimping

Terminal Crimping

As Sava Industrial, we provide Terminal Crimping service, as it is known, terminal crimping is done by deforming the open or closed terminal leg by squeezing on the cable with mechanical pressure, which is called cold welding. A connection is established between the cable and the terminal in such a way that there is no gas and air permeability. This connection is an interface with such mechanical strength that the cable cannot be removed from the terminal. As is known, mechanical power and electrical efficiency work inversely. While high crimp power increases the electrical efficiency in the application, it decreases the mechanical strength. The most important point here is that appropriate and sufficient tools should be used while performing Terminal Crimping. Because the terminals are made for specific wire sizes and spacings, small wires that don't fit these sizes apply little pressure and large wires have a lot of stress. In order to get the desired results, you should get support from professionals such as our company.

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