We carry out 100% tested production on fully automatic lines with our modern and technological machinery.

High Quality Production

We do not compromise on customer satisfaction by defining all our processes in line with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard.

High Production Capacity

We increase our existing high capacity with our continuous investments and enrich our product range.

Sava Industrial

As Sava Industrial, we aim to be a leading company in Automotive, Lighting, Audio and video systems, Electrical & Electronics and many other fields where we provide cable grouping and various outsourcing services with our professional staff. Our goal is to become one of the leading suppliers in the sector by providing high-level quality, low cost, fast and more practical solutions with the assurance of “zero error” by subjecting our productions to computer-aided Tests to the continuous development and demands of our customers.

Sava Industrial

Sava Industrial investments grow with business partners

We are constantly renewing and growing in order to provide world-class service to the leading companies of the sector.

We develop our laboratory and testing systems to maintain and maintain our quality standards.

Industrial Services

You can review our industrial solutions and products that we can provide for your company.