Socket Cables

Socket Cables

As Sava Industrial, we provide Plug-In Cables service, and we provide appropriate and quality service to our valued customers. Plug-in cables are useful in the computer, audio and video industry in terms of adding the ability to make additional connections to devices. The cable can be named in various categories according to its core and thickness. After the production, the cables whose ends are cut and stripped are also inspected after their sockets are attached. In this way, the durability of the product delivered to the consumer, who is the end user, is ensured. There are different types of sockets according to usage. Socket cables work by inserting the socket located at the entrance of the devices into the device chamber. As the cables will be socketed on one side, sockets on both sides are also produced. Ensuring the connection of one end of the cable with the device, from a single input to a multiple input; Pairing the other end with another device is one of the most basic features of plug-in cables. You can contact us for more about Plug-In Cables.

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